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Some sponsors had travelled 500km

And it was winter, so bitterly cold.  I don’t often have an opportunity to meet with sponsors so it was such a privilege for me, to hear their stories of why they support, and what it means to them.

Of course, for me I could tell them firsthand what it is like to work with families and children in Ukraine, a country so far away geographically, and so different culturally.   Recalling my time working for Mission Without Borders in Ukraine, many good feelings and stories came back to my mind, of the people I worked with and the changes I saw in their lives. There were many people interested in the work we do. Some were surprised, some amazed at the quality and holistic approach we take with our beneficiaries.  I was especially honoured to tell them that we have been here for sixty years with thousands of people helped, children educated, so many brought to Christ.  Only God knows the true of impact of all that has been done over those sixty years.

It was good for me to hear the sponsors’ motivation, to feel their openness, and see unshakeable dedication to continuing to support and strong will for future projects.  I saw how much those supported families or children mean to them and how happy they are to play role in those lives.  When I was in Ukraine we didn’t always realise that about the sponsors, it was encouraging for me to hear.

Anatolyi, a board member of Mission Without Borders Canada

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