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I cried tears of joy

It was the first time I met a certain young man and his grandmother in Albania. I’d sponsored this family for a number of years, but to meet them face to face was so special and it left such a lasting impression.

In the mid-1970s, a visiting speaker at my church talked about ‘Underground Evangelism’ (later Mission Without Borders) and how they worked to share the gospel behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. God must have nurtured a seed in my heart at that gathering and stirred something in me that remains to this very day. 

At that time, I was in secondary school, and couldn’t financially support the work, but I could certainly bring this ministry to God through prayer. I still pray almost every day for Mission Without Borders, specifically for the current needs of the families and individuals that they supports, for the Mission’s local staff, and for the leaders of the nations where they work.

As well as supporting the family in Albania, I also sponsor another family in Bulgaria. I know that no matter how big or small my acts of care are, through prayer, donations, knitting or however I choose to connect, it is having an impact and making a life-changing difference to those who are suffering in one way or other, on the other side of our world.

Andrea, a long time supporter of Mission Without Borders in New Zealand

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