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I remember some things that I didn’t like in my childhood

All those things are exactly what I will not do in my life.  My father had to fight in the Bosnian war and he’s suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder ever since. It affected us all.   A long time ago, I decided just to take the best from the past, not remembering the negatives.  All I want is to change grey into blue.

I was determined to change my future through education. I have seen and read about how a good education can change the world, and this has made me become a better student, better brother, better friend as well as a better son. And now my friends from Mission Without Borders have confirmed that hard work indeed pays off. I worried about the costs of university because it was something that my parents couldn't afford but I had you, the people who have been there for my family and me for many years.

I have a passionate longing to achieve an academic career in my country. I see my friends who graduated from university leaving and going abroad, but that's not what I want to do. I hope to make changes here in my community and hopefully, in my country.

I'm dreaming about the day when I'll become a professor, pass my knowledge on to young students and encourage them to make changes too.

Danijel, a scholarship student from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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