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I started drinking when I was 16

By 2003, I had developed liver disease and I was about to die. Veacelav, a friend of ours who worked for Mission Without Borders, arrived to take me to church because I’d promised I would go. The preacher warned us that all of us must repent, and afterwards, I kept hearing his voice in my mind.

I postponed repenting for a week. It was the longest week of my life.  On the Saturday, I went out to celebrate my cousin’s birthday and when I was roaring drank, I told everyone that the next day I was going to repent. Some said that was good news, while others laughed. We partied until three in the morning.

At church the next day, I stayed on my knees and I wanted to pray, but I couldn't. I didn't have a voice. I was very afraid; I was sweating and I didn't understand what was happening. Finally, I opened my mouth and said, ‘God, I admit that I'm a sinner and I ask you to forgive me.’ I took a deep breath and felt such relief and joy. I began to cry with joy and many in the congregation wept and rejoiced with me.

It felt as though a stone was taken from my heart.

From Veacelav, I learned to be a servant and an example to those around me. He was like a parent to me.

Dumitru, whose family was once supported by Mission Without Borders in Moldova, and who now supports families himself

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