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Troubles at home stole my childhood

Even though my dad abandoned us, I can say that God has given me so much more through Mission Without Borders and through my mother, whom I love so much.   

I believe that it was the pain and the abandonment we felt that made us cry out to God. At the church we found a family and we found friends, people we could rely on.

In the midst of darkness and despair, the Mission was like a ray of light sent by God for our family. It was God’s proof of His love towards us.

I am really happy to be part of the Mission family now because I can pay forward what I received. I can help those who were like me, like my family. As well as the fact that I have a job and I am able to earn my living, I am happy for the opportunity to build something for His Kingdom – it’s a great satisfaction that is incomparable. I do my best and I want to make a difference.

When I go into the field to help with the driving and taking photos, I can immediately connect with the families, especially the children. I remember so well that feeling of sincere joy of receiving gifts and that nothing else counted.

Now that I am part of the Mission team, I can see for myself all the sacrifices that the staff and supporters make. I am so impressed by their generosity; God truly works through them.

Emanuel, whose family were sponsored when he was a child and who started working with us last year in Sibiu, Romania

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