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Wherever I was, there was trouble, and I’d always make everyone laugh

I grew up in a children’s institution in Romania.

My family was very poor and unable to look after me. A few years ago, I visited them, but they didn’t want to have anything to do with me. When I was a teenager, I got involved with a group of friends who got into a lot of trouble with the police. At first, I wanted to experience a little of what they were doing – I was curious. But then in 2009 I became a Christian at one of Mission Without Border’s summer camps.

I started going to church regularly, and had a huge hunger to know Christ and His Word. My friends couldn’t believe I’d become a Christian. My own brother even said that I was a hopeless case. Everybody was watching me closely, to see how I’d react, what I’d say – and they all came to the same conclusion: that I really was a Christian. I stopped stealing, I didn’t talk in the same way, I was a changed man.

I finished a master’s degree at university, and now work for the National Authority for Qualifications within the Ministry of Education.

If the Mission didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be here, in the place I’m in today. I wouldn’t have an apartment, such a good job and such wonderful friends. This is the family I’ve never had.

Fabian, who was sponsored as a child in Romania

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