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Just like me, his wife had had triplets

I think it was 15 years ago. A leaflet fell from between the pages of a magazine, and it told the story of a Ukrainian man who had lost his wife, following the birth of triplet girls. I felt compelled to respond, and called Mission Without Borders. That was the beginning of a long journey

The Mission encouraged people in Australia to knit winter clothing and blankets for Eastern Europe, and after my husband and I visited Romania for ourselves we established ‘The Workshop’ as a collection point.  God blessed it beyond our wildest dreams. Our space was filled to overflowing many times over and we packed and sent 36 containers of goods, valued at over $10m.   We met amazing people who donated generously.

One lady worked to get 100 new sewing machines for us to send. Another lady knitted over 100 blankets, and we sent 1,000 quilts to Ukraine, each one lovingly made. People came in not only to drop off goods but also for a cuppa and a chat. One volunteer said that it was the best thing she had ever done.

My husband and I went through a time where our faith was challenged, but through our involvement with the Mission, my faith was restored and grown; my love of ‘things’ has decreased and my love of people has increased. We are confident that nothing we have given back to God has been wasted. We have been humbled and blessed and all I can say is, 'Thanks be to God.'

Jenny, a long time volunteer with Mission Without Borders in Australia

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