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A Soviet Man is a Worry Free Man

That’s what they used to teach us.  At each stage of your life, there were institutions determined to ‘convert’ you to communism, from school to military service and so on.  

As children, nobody promoting this ideology would tell us the truth about communism, only the positives.  I remember when I was enrolled for military service. My records showed a very high score for my physical and intellectual examinations, 250, meaning I could be in the elite but, there was a pencil note scribbled in the corner, ‘Without Party’. 'Why are you not a communist, are you a Christian or your parents?' When I answered, 'I'm a Christian,' The Commissar stood up and yelled, 'Are you ready to give up faith or do I take you to the white bears?!'

Sure enough he made sure to send me with the army to Siberia, 10 hours time difference from home at -47 degrees during the winter.

Communism had a very high impact on the mindset of people at that time, first of all, by destroying the values of private property.  Private property is not only related to the material side and the economy, but it is also a thinking system, it gives you an identity, it makes you responsible. You feel the taste of production and growth, you feel able to help yourself and others.

This system sent us 70 years back in time, after its collapse we ended up a segmented society with no identity, but we are getting there, things are changing.

Mihai, Pastor of Speranta Church in Chisinau, Moldova

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