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My mother was widowed at 38

I saw how difficult it was, especially in those days, to be a widow with children. Particularly after World War II, there were a lot of widows and families living in poverty. She prayed together with us and she would always cry when she prayed.

So that’s why maybe the Lord put this wish in my heart to join Mission Without Borders.  Years ago, I had the chance to go to ‘the land of opportunity’ with my family and live the American dream. My kids would have maybe had better opportunities or would live a life of luxury. But I work for the Mission and I lack nothing!

I went to the US embassy in Ukraine and told them that the goal of my life was not to live in the US. The man who interviewed me was very surprised and asked, ‘Then what is your goal?’ I told him I want to reach people for Christ and my goal is to assist the needy, the orphans and widows. I wanted to distribute God’s word in the Ukraine. So the man said, ‘Okay. Fine. Bye bye. Go and strive for your goal in the Ukraine.’

Over the years there were moments when we only had enough money for just one week. I was wondering where to get the money from to pay our workers. But I never thought of leaving the Mission and getting away from here. I always understood that if you trust the Lord, He will open all doors. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

Mykola, who has been the manager of Mission Without Borders in Ukraine since it started in 1993

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