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Children are our future

We try to help our children understand that material values are not the most important thing. Chasing them alone is dangerous.

Although our family works hard on the land and I work as a stoker at the school, it is still not enough to meet all our needs. We are so grateful for the Mission’s support.

My dream has always been to reach out to my local community with the gospel. In 2008 we bought an old house with a summer house in its yard, and on Christmas Eve we invited all the neighbours over. By that time, we had repaired the summer house, provided heating for it, and set up chairs. The room was ready. I went door to door throughout the area and invited people to the meeting. I prepared a sermon about Christmas and a couple of Christian hymns to sing. Everyone said that they would come – but none of them did. 

We didn’t let this discourage us as I believe that there is no fruit without hard work. We kept on working and now, thanks to God, we have regular evening meetings here twice a week in our summer house. We call it the home church. It is growing. There are a thousand people in this village, and there was no church for them except a small Orthodox one.  Now there are plans to build a new church in the village.

Mykola, the father of one of our sponsored families in Sarny, Ukraine, pictured with his son

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