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I had just put my children to bed

I watched them sleep, so safe and sound in their beds. All newly bathed and content. I thanked God for another precious day together with them, before I went downstairs for a cup of coffee and to read my mail.

The first thing I noticed was an insert from Mission Without Borders. When I saw those photos I thought, what a difference from our life! The house looked miserable, and their clothes are dirty and worn out. Their faces were so sad and tired. I burst into tears. I immediately knew, with all my heart, that I wanted to help.

The next day I contacted the Mission to sign up as a sponsor. After a short time, we receive information about a family in Romania. Through pictures and information, we got to know our family and their surroundings. At Christmas, we send Christmas cards and presents to them.  It is a highlight to get thank-you-letters from the children in the family. To hear about their gratitude and that our help makes a difference to them.

This was the beginning of a new way of engaging for my family. Reading stories from Eastern Europe together as family, but also sharing it with the children in the Christian club in our church. It feels so precious to be a part of this. It reminds us of being grateful for all that we’ve got, and it broadens our perspective.

Olaug, a family sponsor from Ellingsøy, Norway

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