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These people are my friends

We’ve been working together as a team, here in the Camarillo office, for 14 years now.   That’s a long time.  Actually, I’ve been involved with Mission Without Borders for even longer than that.  It was back in 1999 that my late wife Pat was working with the founders of the Mission. 

 I would help out sometimes, buying office supplies and doing odd jobs around the office.  One day Pat came home and asked me if I wanted a job there. I accepted - why not.

I remember one year she volunteered for me to play Santa at the Christmas party.   That was fun though.  One of the little girls followed me around the whole night. Finally, I got her to be my official helper.  She enjoyed that.  I guess all those children are adults now, maybe with children of their own.

I’ve done a lot of interesting jobs over the years.  I worked in Hollywood for a long time, in sound originally.  I worked on The Sound of Music – that was great, and the TV show MASH.  Then I did some extras work too.  Remember that bit in The Wedding Singer, on the plane, with Billy Idol singing – I’m in that.  He was a great guy.

But this is where I’ve been the longest.  I love this place, and Pat loved this place too, and the work we do in Eastern Europe. I’m glad that I can carry on that work for her.

Paul, who works in our office in California, USA

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