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I loved hearing all the stories from the Bible

I was only six when I started on an important journey. My sister Carolina and I started going to Mission Without Borders’ community centre. We met people who were so friendly and always smiling and full of hope.  We sang Christian songs and we learned about how God created everything and He made us.

Over time, as I was growing up, I began to ask a lot of questions. I saw at school how my classmates were fighting, stealing and using swear words. I chose not to do that because I already knew who God is, and that we must care about what He wants.

My mother sometimes lost her temper and would scream at us. She’s affected by her own past, and this often causes tension, anger and arguments at home. When there’s no peace, Carolina goes to her room and prays. She says that afterwards, things calm down a little. She sees how God answers her prayers.  At home, I’d say to my parents, ‘Let’s go to church together, let’s pray...’ After a while, they also started attending the church.

Things have improved a lot. My parents decided to receive the Lord Jesus and get baptised. The atmosphere at home has become more peaceful.  Every time I go to bed, I think of God and I thank Him for the day I’ve had, for what He’s done. And I believe that God has saved me from much trouble. I thank Him for everything I have.

Ronaldo, one of the sponsored children we work with in Straseni, Moldova

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