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I felt like I was totally lost in a wasteland

I went through a painful divorce in my 30s and after we were separated, I found out I was pregnant. I went through an agonising pregnancy and was told my baby was not developing properly. As soon as he was born, he died.

I felt numb. The doctor asked me if I wanted to see my baby and at first, I didn’t want to. But then I turned around and saw him, and an avalanche of emotions fell on me.

I’d become a Christian when I was 21, and when my baby died, God comforted me and gave me his peace. But I had four children and house payments to take care of, and I faced an uncertain future after my divorce.

One day, my children came home with boxes of food and items we really needed. It turned out they had received them from Mission Without Borders, who started regularly helping my family.

Later I became a volunteer with the Mission, helping support vulnerable children.

Now I work for the Mission. I’ve seen many distressing situations visiting children and their families. Sometimes they simply need to be reminded that they’re not forgotten. Sometimes you create a space where they feel safe; sometimes they just need a meal and some hope that better days are coming.

It’s difficult when you’re alone, but when God goes ahead of you and there are people who help you, everything turns into a great blessing.

Valentina, who works with children in the Leova communities in Moldova

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