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It was painful to see that I couldn’t provide for my own family

Farming is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid – but back in 2006, I lost everything in the economic crisis.

Our income was barely enough for food. We weren’t able to buy clothing and footwear, not to mention cover urgent expenses such as medicine and utility bills. I had to learn to trust God with all my soul. There were a lot of reasons to give up farming: draughts, rain, economic chaos in the country and not being able to afford farming equipment and tools. But I would rather look at the reasons why I should keep moving forward. Those reasons are my wife’s and my children’s smiles and hugs, their loving hearts and happy eyes. They trust in me. I trust God that He will never forsake His child.

The Mission helped in so many ways: food supplies, clothing, school supplies for the children. Some time ago we received a motorised cultivator, which has improved our work greatly. Now I sell the bigger part of the harvest and manage to save some money for the extending of my business, for helping others and even for covering my children’s university fees in future.

Most importantly, we try to be a strong family and to raise our children as good citizens and as sincere Christians.

Viktor, the father of a family sponsored by Mission Without Borders in Ukraine

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