Sponsor a child

transform the life of a child in Eastern Europe

Transforming futures

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children to break out of the cycle of poverty in Eastern Europe every year. Child sponsorship secures a young person's future and gives them access to emotional, spiritual and material support. Sponsors can play a special role in the life of the child by exchanging letters, photos and cards with them, and sharing their milestones, challenges and successes.

Through child sponsorship, we see children who were at risk of dropping of school becoming engaged in their education and improving their results, we see children discovering the love of Jesus and becoming Christians, we see young people becoming the first in their families to get a university degree.

We believe that only long-term investment in a child's education, material and emotional support, and faith and hope in Jesus Christ can create real and lasting change in a child's life and the community they live in - and child sponsorship is what helps to make this possible.

To sponsor a child today contact your local fundraising office