60 stories for 60 years

Mission Without Borders was founded in 1960 in response to the needs of people living in poverty or suffering persecution in Communist Europe.  Our work began when the Cold War was at its most intense and where Bibles were desperately wanted, but difficult to get hold of. In Eastern Europe, a rigid political system often demanded strict loyalty.  Those who dared to disagree could suffer imprisonment and death. Millions of Christians were persecuted for their beliefs, many paid with their lives.

In 2020 we still operate in Eastern Europe as an international network of Christians who journey with the poor and marginalized, bringing practical and spiritual support with hope of a better future, enabling and encouraging people to lift themselves out of poverty, sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.  

At the heart of all we do are incredible people, all over the world and throughout our history.  We have documented 60 stories that show how God has blessed what we do and the people we encounter.