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I felt like a caterpillar, ready to become a butterfly

We were living in terrible poverty when my husband and I made friends with a couple, and I found myself wondering how they managed to keep such a positive attitude and never argue.  They explained that they were followers of Jesus. We were intrigued and asked to read the Bible with them. We found out more about Jesus, his life and what he did for us, and that’s how we became Christians.

I was impressed with how my husband changed. He calmed down, stopped drinking and I truly enjoyed all the positive changes in our emotional lives.  God began turning around problem after problem in our lives.

I will never forget one morning when I was praying, asking God to help me provide better living conditions for my children. I turned on a local radio station and heard the last call for all Roma families who had housing issues to come forward. There were apartment buildings to be built and all that I had to do was to apply for one. This left me totally astonished.

I’m now the president of the Roma Women’s association, ‘Djurdjevak’.  It’s important for me to help other women in many areas of their lives.

Alisa, the mother of one of our sponsored families in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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