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I love kids!

Kids ask such great questions. Sometimes I just take my lesson plan and throw it out the window because they take charge of the direction and questions.

When I first heard about Operation Christmas Love, straight away I thought how can I include this in my children’s ministry.   I loved the idea of these boxes, its so simple, and that you are going to send them for people miles away to be given, is amazing.  I love how the Mission sources everything locally, so its providing jobs there, as well as providing food, treats and toys is just incredible.  So simple but so effective. These children love to serve, and they love to give.   They give their all.  Last year I hoped we’d be able to pay for 2 boxes but in the end we did 4.

I was able to tell them about real families in Romania who would be getting the boxes – I think that made a big difference.  It is not just giving a little bit of money each week it is finding out the children and their families, seeing the photos. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces. Our kids have it really easy compared to some of those families.

The kids love that there is chocolate in the Christmas Love Boxes. Every time we revisit the topic they talk about the chocolate that is in the box!

I guess kids everywhere love chocolate!

Bronwyn, Children Ministry Leader at Kumeu Baptist Church, New Zealand 

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