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God sent his people into our lives at the right moment

My husband died suddenly of a heart attack when my two children were young. It felt as though we lost all our support, hope and stability.  He was a good husband and a wonderful father. It was a very hard time in our lives.  We struggled to survive the winter, living only in the kitchen because we couldn’t afford to pay the gas for two separate heating stoves.

We were in a state of desperation – but then, like a hand from above, God sent us help.

I remember many times when we had no bread or food to feed the children, and Traian, from Mission Without Borders, would knock at our door, bringing food and hygiene packages.  Two years ago, we were given a cow, a family of pigs, a family of sheep and 10 hens. And we started growing tomatoes, cabbage, beans and potatoes in our garden.  After a few months I managed to sell enough to replaced our leaking roof. With my job at the school, I can sell the milk and the eggs to the teachers, and with this income I can pay the bills and buy the bread.

We are so grateful, and we encourage you to continue this wonderful work with families like ours. In our lives, this project has made a huge – and very positive – difference.

Christina, a widow whose family is sponsored as part of our work in Romania

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