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Prison is where I met God

I was born into a Christian family. I went to the youth group and taught Sunday school, but at one point in my life, after a very wrong choice, I was sentenced to two years in jail.

In prison I met a Christian minister and through her, God opened my eyes and helped me change my mind and life. Now I run Mission Without Borders’ prison ministry, and people ask me, ‘Why would you go to these women who willingly chose to break the law and got themselves into this mess?’

The reason I like coming here is that I know that anyone can be changed. I can easily relate to the needs and fears of the women in this prison because I have been here myself. The most difficult thing is how family relationships break down. One lady is sentenced to 30 years. She has two children, who have been with the Mission to summer camp. The youngest is 10 and he got very depressed when his mother was sent to prison. He wasn’t even able to speak for a while.

We never ask women why they are here. Not because we’re not allowed to, but because we want to have a conversation where they do not feel judged, but instead, feel empowered to change. Not long ago, a former prisoner came to visit us and she said, ‘I know that you prayed for me.’ She was very joyful. She is now a changed person. She’s employed now and I thank God for her.

Liliana, who co-ordinates our Prison Ministry work in Romania

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