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There were 300 children, and never enough food

Sometimes we would do extra work in the kitchen like washing the dishes or cleaning the floor in order to get extra food – then at last your stomach would stop rumbling. One time, I fought with another girl – she stabbed my foot with a knitting needle and I was hospitalised.

The hardest thing for me was when the summer holidays came. A lot of the girls went home to their families but I had nobody. My father drinks a lot and has no interest in me, and my mother has died.

At 18 I was told I had to leave. I was staying at my aunt’s when I met somebody who worked for  Mission Without Borders.  They were running a tailoring workshop. It was God’s hand at work. He was preparing everything. I got baptised in 2006 and God has changed my life totally. Now I have a good job, I have my own apartment and I am very thankful and happy with where I’m at. I never judge my family, I understand that they were poor and not able to look after me.

I realise now that even though I grew up in an orphanage, God has always had a plan for my life. He has always protected me – I never had to sleep on the streets – and now I only want to move forward. My only wish now is to have a family of my own – and I pray and trust God that He will give me one at the right time.

Marina, who grew up in a government orphanage in Romania 

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