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I believe hope and love are powerful

Giving hope and joy to people is the best way to fight poverty.  The community where I work is just outside Durres.  It is an area of great poverty where daily life is very difficult. The families I work with often suffer from anxiety and hopelessness.  When the earthquake struck last year, many who were already struggling were badly affected. We have been helping practically but also with the trauma that has affected them, especially the children.

I don’t come from a Christian family. My mother is a Muslim and my dad is Orthodox but neither of them ever mentioned God in our house. I heard about Christ when I was six years old from my older cousin. Years later I started attending a youth group and was baptised in 2006.  God put a desire to serve in my heart. I have a heart for those who are hurt, who are needy and who are struggling.

Many adults who live here have had very little schooling and are unable to write their own name on a delivery form. Their children tend to follow the same path, and often receive very little education themselves.  Our after-school programme is a great way to help children because it can change their paths and lead them into a different and a better future from their parents.

I believe that God has entrusted these families to me. I want to serve them as best I can. 

Nikolino, who works with families in the ex-swamp community in Durres, Albania

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