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They threw stones at me, and called me a traitor

There were many threats, insults and opposition. Everyone was against me.  I had started telling everyone in the Turkish Suburb of Gotse Delchev about Jesus, and I invited them to join my home group. Out of this group, a Turkish-speaking church was formed.

People told my husband to stop me, and that if he wouldn’t do that, they would beat both of us and drive us away.  'We are Muslims and will not allow you to turn us into Christians' they said. My husband started abusing me at home. One night he beat me very badly.  One night my husband had a vision of a dazzling angel – enormous in size and shining so strongly that he couldn’t look at him. My husband immediately woke me up and said, 'Sevda, I will not stop you anymore. You can do whatever you want.'

I come from a Muslim family. My grandfather and uncle were both imams.  But then my mother and sister became Christians and they began praying for me. I saw the love my sister and her new Christian friends had for one another and found it inexplicable. She gave me a New Testament which I began reading, and soon afterwards I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour.

God is faithful and He never abandons His work.

Sevda, the leader of a Roma church in Bulgaria where we run a number of projects

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