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I had no job, my cow died, I had nothing

I was desperate when I phoned Mission Without Borders a few years ago. I was at a place where no matter how hard I tried, I could not provide for my family. I’m qualified as a technician but I lost job after job when the companies I worked for went bankrupt.

Nermin from the Mission started to visit us, bringing food and household items to help us get through. After a few years, the Mission gave me a chainsaw which I could use to cut wood for my neighbours and friends and I earn money doing that.  Since then, we got a cow, so we can now sell milk as well as the cabbages and potatoes that we grow.  It’s very difficult to find the words to express how grateful I am. Everything in my life has changed.

Nermin is like my brother. We drink coffee together. For me, he is the best. He’s helped us a great deal to improve our lives.

My hands show how tough my life has been. I don’t want my son to grow up to have the same hands as I do. He is diligent and works hard, but I want him to leave Bosnia-Herzegovina and have a better life.  My wife always says, “It hurts, but I want him to leave, to leave this country. It’s impossible here for him.”

Suad, whose family used to be part of our programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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